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Civil Defense Commission (CDC)


The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) was established in the year 1982 to make plans and conduct operations to deal with all types of disasters in Guyana. By 1985 a comprehensive National Disaster Preparedness Plan was documented and put into use. At the time of its establishment the Commission operated under the authority of the Office of the Prime Minister. Responsibility for the CDC was subsequently moved to the Office of the President in 1992. In September 2001 Standard Operation Procedures for the National Emergency Operations Centre were upgraded to meet new challenges of the worsening domestic and international disaster situation. The CDC of Guyana is a full member of the Caribbean Disaster Emergence Management Agency (CDEMA).

The Commission will function as follows:

Service Provider – Promoting its role of providing services to local authorities/communities and for that purpose, to develop programmes designed to enhance those services.

Planning and Implementation – Ensuring the promotion and development at national level of disaster planning and management and, in co-operation with local authorities, facilitating the implementation of disaster management measures for the purpose of emergency relief and support;

Loss reduction and Mitigation - Promoting the adoption of disaster loss reduction and mitigation policies and practices at the national and local authority level;

Voluntary Service – The promotion and development of voluntary service as an integral aspect of disaster management;

Training and Education – To establish and promote the development, maintenance and improvement of the tenants of disaster management training and education; and

Permanent Staffing - Maintaining a permanent body to enhance the national capacity for disaster management services.

Address: Camp Ayangauna Annex,
Thomas Lands, Georgetown, Guyana


Punto Focal Operacional Nacional (PFON)

RAMSARUP,  Colonel Chabilall (Director)

E-mail: info@cdc.gy

E-mail: info@cdc.gy

Fax: (592) 225 0486

Teléfonos: (592) 226 1114, 226 8815, 225 5847, 226 1027

URL: http://www.cdc.gy


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